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Dedigeeks Webhosting Now Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments via CoinGate

Pay With Cryptocurrencies Hassle-Free

With Dedigeeks, paying with cryptocurrencies using CoinGate is easy. In a few clicks you can now make payments to your Dedigeeks services with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and over 50 other cryptocurrencies.


How Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Payments via CoinGate works

When you choose your desired cryptocurrency payment option, a Dedigeeks invoice is generated, which displays the sum to be payed in your desired cryptocurrency calculated in real-time by comparing prices in several of the biggest bitcoin exchanges. You can then either use a Bitcoin wallet on your smartphone to scan the QR code or use a Bitcoin wallet on the computer to pay for the invoice.

Learn how to accept Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Payments for your business

Bitcoin – the world’s first successful digital/cryptocurrency, is growing fast and is accepted more and more by ecommerce stores around the globe. Businesses are rapidly accepting Bitcoin, adapting to the changes in contemporary digital transactions. If you are an ecommerce store owner, the sooner you start accepting Bitcoin on your online store, the better, because of the many advantages of the cryptocurrencies.

Magento Bitcoin

A low transaction fee is the biggest advantage of Bitcoin. PayPal or credit card payments typically include a transaction fee of 3% to 5%. However, Bitcoin only charges 1%, and there are no additional costs of the transactions. Secondly, payments made through Bitcoin are treated as the cash equivalent, which means there is no threat of chargebacks. Put simply, a transaction made through Bitcoin is similar to that of a payment made through a physical currency, such as bank notes.

Moreover, Bitcoin is highly secure in terms of payment information. In a credit card purchase, the CC number transmitted by the customer can be used maliciously for illegal transactions. However, Bitcoin uses public/private keys to authorize the payments. Even if hackers breach the store, no one is at risk of theft due to the secure payment process.

If you are a customer of Dedigeeks and have a business that would like to start accepting bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, our specialist team is always on hand to give guidance and support.


Why host your site on Dedigeeks?

If crypto payments were not enough, each Dedigeeks service comes with CloudFlare and LiteSpeed as standard, so you can expect speeds up to 40X faster than other Australian hosts!

Coins We Now Accept:

Webhosting Bitcoin
Webhosting Ethereum
webhosting Litecoin
Webhosting Dash


Webhosting Accept Altcoins
Other Altcoins

Webhosting Aragon ANT
Aragon ANT
Webhosting accepting Basic Attention Token BAT payments
Basic Attention Token BAT
webhosting accepting Bancor BNT payments
Bancor BNT
Webhosting Accepting Bitcoin Cash BCH payments
Bitcoin Cash BCH

Webhosting Accepting Bitcoin Gold BTG payments
Bitcoin Gold BTG
webhosting Accepting Blackcoin BLK payments
Blackcoin BLK

webhosting Accepting Civic CVC payments
Civic CVC

webhosting Accept Clams CLAM payments
Clams CLAM

webhosting Accept Dash DASH payments

webhosting Accept Digibyte DGB payments
Digibyte DGB

webhosting Accept district0x DNT payments
district0x DNT

webhsoting Accept Dogecoin DOGE payments
Dogecoin DOGE

webhosting Accept Edgeless EDG payments
Edgeless EDG

webhosting Accept EOS payments

webhosting Accept Ether ETH payments
Ether ETH

webhosting Accept Ether Classic ETC payments
Ether Classic ETC

webhosting Accept GameCredits GAME payments
GameCredits GAME

webhsoting Accept Gnosis GNO payments
Gnosis GNO

Accept Golem GNT
Golem GNT

Accept Matchpool GUP
Matchpool GUP

Accept Komodo KMD
Komodo KMD

Accept LBRY Credits LBC
LBRY Credits LBC

Accept Litecoin LTC
Litecoin LTC

Accept Numeraire NMR
Numeraire NMR

Accept OmiseGo OMG
OmiseGo OMG

Accept Potcoin POT
Potcoin POT

Accept Qtum QTUM

Accept Augur REP
Augur REP

Accept Reddcoin RDD
Reddcoin RDD

Accept RCN RCN

Accept iExec RLC
iExec RLC

Accept Salt SALT

Accept Siacoin SC
Siacoin SC

Accept Status SNT
Status SNT

Accept Storj STORJ

Accept Swarm City SWT
Swarm City SWT

Accept WeTrust TRST
WeTrust TRST

Accept Vertcoin VTC
Vertcoin VTC
Accept Zcash ZEC
Zcash ZEC

Accept 0x ZRX
0x ZRX



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