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Australia Spends More Time Looking At Reddit Than Facebook

According to, the website Australian’s spend most of their time on is Reddit.

What is Reddit?

Reddit has become the comments section to every corner of pop culture. It reaches millions of people every day because it houses something for everyone. Whether it’s sports, video games, literature, or just really dumb stuff, you can find a subreddit that feels tailor-made for you.

The biggest value gain from Reddit, to most, is the ability to centralise effectively around different hobbies and activities. In the past, if you wanted to find an online community for a movie or a game, you had to find a forum for that community. Finding forums that are well managed and capture a good segment of the community is hard — and Reddit just becomes a default place to look now.

Let’s say a new TV show starts airing, and you really like it and want to discuss it more. You can probably bet there’s a subreddit for it, and in that community, a ton of people interested in it. You can bet there are threads for discussing it in other parts of Reddit too. Worst case, you can make one yourself.

This is something that everyone has in common. Everyone has a community they want to “be apart of” and Reddit lets you express yourself to those communities without having an identity tied to that community. There are groups on Facebook, but it’s so tied to you that it’s hard to just be a part of a community. On Twitter, people tend to congregate around others in their interest domain, but by default, all posts go everywhere. Someone into a show on Twitter is going to dilute their feed and have a similarly diluted feed if they discuss it. In contrast, a subreddit is a concentrated mass of people around a topic.

Advertising and Marketing or Reddit

Reddit is one of advertising’s best kept secrets. At the core of their platform is a highly passionate and engaged group of users who are influential, authentic and disruptive across the internet.

Reddit has generated 8 billion page views from nearly 234 million unique monthly visitors. Is it time to ditch the facebook ads and move toward Reddit ads?

What is the average cost of Reddit ads?

Spending on the Reddit ads platform is flexible and the minimum daily spend for an ad on our self-serve platform is $5. At this time, CPM is the only cost model for Reddit’s ads auction. The Reddit Ads platform uses a second price auction based system, which means you pay a cent higher than the next highest bidder. Because we are using an auction based system, there is a risk of 20% overdelivery when setting up an individual campaign.

Remember the following when posting to Reddit:

Please Do

  • Respond to CommentsThe comment section is your voice! Use it to answer questions, respond to feedback, and interact with the Reddit community. Reddit is full of human people, and it’s your chance to remind them that you, too, are a human person.
  • Be conversationalTrying to be too stiff and sales like. Be casual – show Redditors that there are faces and real people behind your company.
  • Include a thumbnailChoosing a relevant, clear thumbnail is eye-catching and interest grabbing — which can help lead to a higher ad click-through rate. Images are optional but definitely recommended.
  • Promo codes or special deals for RedditorsIf at all possible, give Reddit users a special discount. It’s a nice gesture and adds an incentive to try your promotion. Also, It also gives you another nice, neat point of data to track.
  • Customize a splash pageGreeting Redditors with a customized landing page communicates that you care where your viewers come from. Also added bonus, it could lower your bounce rate!
  • Research your brand on RedditReddit has a search feature — use it! Find out what people are saying about your brand before you advertise, what resonates and what doesn’t, and which communities are talking about you. A great way to start would be searching for keywords & your brand name, and also reviewing your domain page for organic Reddit posts that re-direct to your brand page (
  • Avoid ad fatigueHave a long-term campaign? Remember to change up your creative every week or so. Keeping it fresh keeps people interested and prevents people from simply getting bored with your ad and ignoring it.
  • Share your promotionExtending the reach of your ad by sharing it in your social media accounts is a great way to build awareness for your Reddit promotion. You can do this by linking to the “comments” link of your ad (especially great for timely and short-lived ads).
  • Have fun!Remember: it’s Reddit! If you’re not enjoying your campaign, chances are Redditors aren’t either.

Please Don’t

  • Promote outside of ad spaceA little bit of self-promotion is typically okay, but Reddit is not inherently a promotional tool. Using it organically to push your product or brand can backfire, anger the community, and possibly result in a ban on your account. Utilizing the ad space for self-promotion ensures that you’re committed to keeping in line with site rules and not trying to be slick. This makes Redditors happy, and more reciprocal to your brand.
  • Ignore the value of criticismRedditors are known to be outspoken. Don’t take criticism the wrong way! It can go a long way in helping you see things from new eyes, and feedback, even negative, is still someone who cared enough to stop by and comment.
  • Be rudeThe community is made up of all types. Some types are rude. Don’t let these people get to you! Remember: you are the face of your brand, and have a reputation to maintain.
  • Falsify votes, cheat, or shillSeriously, this is against the rules, and can be painfully transparent to the community. They’re smarter than you think, they can and will call you out, and make you and your brand look bad. Also, this is another thing that could result in a ban on your account. Let votes and comments happen organically, trying to cheat the system means you lose both face, and points of data that help you judge your ads performance.

When your site gets Reddit attention, it shouldn’t grind to a halt: That’s when you need it most. Dedigeeks puts a massive, shared cluster of hefty hardware and finely-tuned architecture behind your sites. It all means that when a Reddit post strikes, you don’t strike out.

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